France’s NGE has signed a contract to build 330 kilometres of an Egypt high-speed rail line connecting the Red Sea Port of Sokhna with Borg al-Arab near the Mediterranean port of Alexandria.


NGE and its rail expertise subsidiary TSO have signed the contract.

In May 2022, Egypt’s National Authority for Tunnels signed a contract with Siemens Mobility, Orascom Construction and Arab Contractors to build 2,000km of high-speed rail tracks for what would be the world sixth-largest such network.

Egypt high-speed rail: contract details

NGE said it will provide its expertise, human and material resources to local companies Orascom and Arab Contractors for the contract.

“We are proud to make a significant contribution to this project, which will provide nearly 90 percent of the Egyptian population with access to fast and reliable public transport,” said Orso Vesperini, COO of international and major projects at NGE.

“It will also make a significant contribution to sustainability by shifting freight traffic to rail and stimulating Egypt’s economic development.

“Building and renovating infrastructure to serve territories around the world is our primary mission, our raison d’être, and this project fits perfectly with achieving this ambition

“This new success is in line with our strategy to double our international business by 2025.”

Egypt high-speed rail: details

The Siemens-Orascom-Arab Contractors consortium will design, install, commission, and maintain the high-speed rail system for 15 years.

In May, the consortium signed the second phase comprised of two new lines for a total length of 1,325 km, bringing the total network size to almost 2,000km and creating the sixth largest high-speed rail system worldwide.

Orascom Construction’s share of the second phase is $1.2 billion and its total share of all three lines is $1.8 billion.

Orascom said at the time of the contract signing in May that the total network will consist of three lines. The first line, already signed in September 2021, will cover 660 km, connecting Ain Sokhna on the Red Sea to Alamein City and Marsa Matrouh on the Mediterranean.

The second line will stretch across 1,110 km and run between Greater Cairo and Abu Simbel near the southern border, passing through Luxor and Aswan. The third line will cover about 215 km through Luxor, Safaga and Hurghada by the Red Sea.


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